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At PC Easy we strive to make each student's experience informative and rewarding. Our  material is presented in a non-threatening, fun, and reinforcing fashion.


 "WOW" is the word most often used by our students! Not so much for the PC Easy experience which is great, but for the realization of how much has been learned and how it can be applied in the home or workplace. Our curriculum is not only informative, but practical as well.


PC Easy's objective is to provide students with practical tools and tips that can be applied immediately for maximized productivity. Enhance your skills, unleash your potential, and increase your value with PC Training classes!

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PC Easy in South Central Pennsylvania provides Instructor-led Computer Training and Consulting Services to immediately improve student or client productivity, performance, and comfort using Personal Computer software such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office 365, Access, Excel, Outlook, Power Point, Project, Publisher and Word to help you improve your computer skills.