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Flat Stanley Adventures

Adventures of Day 1 Adventures of Day 2 Adventures of Day 3 Adventures of Day 4 Adventures of Day 5 Adventures of Day 6

Subject: Flat Stanley

Dear Ashley:

I am having a great time in Pennsylvania.  Today Uncle Dan and I had all kinds of mis-adventures.  We started off by visiting the bank.  Uncle Dan usually uses the Drive -Thru.  I am not familiar with how they work so when Uncle Dan wasn't looking, I climbed into the plastic container along with his bank deposit.  He put it into the Pneumatic tube and the next thing I knew I was launched like a rocket high up into the sky and finally inside the bank.  What a ride!!   It was like riding a roller coaster at an amusement park,  Wheeeeeeeeee!!!

The only thing better than the ride was the expression on the Bank Teller's face when she saw me in the container.

What a surprise I was!

Once inside the bank, the fun began.  While the one teller was taking care of Uncle Dan's deposit, I went to visit Deb the Head Teller.  While she wasn't looking, I crawled into her Cash Drawer and stuffed my pockets with $5.00 and $10.00 bills.  Boy did I get a lecture.  Deb explained to me how each Teller is responsible for the money in her drawer and if any is missing they have to make it up.  Boy did I feel small, I could have caused her a big problem if I had kept any of the money.  I will think long and hard about ever taking something that doesn't belong to me!

I told Deb that I had learned an important lesson and she was nice enough to give me a lollipop to take back to Uncle Dan's office.

Aunt Edie does a lot of Off-site training and she drives a lot to get there.  She asked Uncle Dan to fill her car with gas because she was almost empty.  Uncle Dan and I were driving to the gas station running on fumes.  We had so little gas that I had to steer the car for the last few feet while Uncle Dan pushed the car.  The steering wheel was big and took a lot of strength to turn.  I had trouble reaching the petals, but Uncle Dan was in control of the car.  I learned how important it is to leave the driving to adults and to not play in the car.  I am afraid to think what could have happened if I let go of the brake or if i didn't steer exactly how Uncle Dan said.  A car is a powerful machine that can hurt people if used improperly.  I am learning a lot of important lessons today!

Once we were settled at the gas station, Uncle Dan let me swipe the credit card, lift the gas pump handle and pump the gas into the car.

Wow, I can't believe how heavy the gas pump handle was.  I had to have Uncle Dan help me move the handle and hose.

It was then time to pump the gas.  Uncle Dan told me how important it is to turn off your engine, not talk on my cell phone, and to stay outside the car while pumping gas.  I never knew how dangerous gasoline vapors are.  All it would take is a little spark from static electricity created by sliding across the car seat and touching something outside the car around where gasoline vapor has accumulated.  The vapors could explode and start a fire.  It is better to be safe than sorry, so I will follow all of the rules while pumping gas.

Our next adventure was to visit the East Petersburg Mennonite Church Cemetery.  Uncle Dan was telling me a little about the history of East Petersburg and he took me to see where many of the town's founding fathers are buried.  I stopped to look at a grave marker that was very old.  I wonder how that person lived and what the town and country was like in their time.

Uncle Dan said that we have to fix a plumbing problem at their house in Maryland over the weekend.  So we went to Lowes to shop for some plumbing parts.  What a big store, I will make sure that I stay with Uncle Dan.  I don't want to get lost in there, I'd be afraid that I wouldn't ever get home.

I was amazed when we walked in the front door.  Who do you think we saw?

Santa!  It is only a few days after Halloween and there was Santa.  Well, I don't want to take any chances that he doesn't know what I want for Christmas, so, I took the opportunity to let him know I want a football, a big bike, roller skates, a skate board, a tablet computer, a 60" inch TV, .   .   .  etc.

While we were shopping, Uncle Dan wanted to see an item that was high up on the shelves.  I volunteered to get it for him.  I had to climb a tall ladder.  I was really high off the ground.  I was very careful, and Uncle Dan made sure that I was safe.  I would never climb a ladder all by myself.

While looking for plumbing parts, I learned all about check valves, PVC pipe connectors, and pipe barb connectors.  I didn't know that plumbing was so complicated.  It will be fun working with Uncle Dan installing all of this plumbing.

Plumbing is fun!

Uncle Dan where are you?  You were talking with a store clerk and you walked away leaving me on this big shelf inside the big store.


Help!  Help!  Uncle Dan where are you?  Please don't forget me!

Whew!  Uncle Dan came back to get me.  Our next stop was the checkout lines.  The clerk was very nice.  She even let me scan the plumbing parts and to slide Uncle Dan's credit card.

It is a small world.  The man checking out after us knew my name Flat Stanley.  He had hosted my father Flat Stanley senior.  The man was very nice and understanding of the fact that I wanted to experience all that I could.

Uncle Dan looked me over an noticed that I was getting a little shaggy around the edges.  He said that it was time for a haircut.  We went to visit Glatfelter's Barber Shop.  They have a neat sign that when you think about it makes a lot of sense.  It says "We Need Your Head In Our Business".  I got my hair cut first.  See me in the chair.  Just a Little off the top, Please.

 Do you know what?  I found out that the barber shop gives out lollipops too.  I wonder what flavor I should get this time?

Uncle Dan and I are going to go now.  We have to pack a truck to go to Maryland.  We will be taking wood from a fallen tree to a friend at hacks Point.  Tomorrow we will be working on plumbing, maybe on the boat dock, and exploring the Bohemia River and the Chesapeake Bay.

I love you and will be in touch.

Flat Stanley

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